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Do you know those Japanese food trays where everything comes so well placed? Well that's Bentoo (with two o's, of course).

No, we’re not trying to sell any raw fish, but it is the best metaphor to talk about our repository of resources that can be integrated into any LMS platform.

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What does Coocrea bring you?

We take all kinds of content, we structure it, we give it a Marie Kondo-style organization and we make everything have a certain unity. No matter how diverse your documentation is, we can make it make sense. And at full speed.

Ask us for a Bentoo whenever you want to...

  • Quickly create a repository with heterogeneous content.
  • Find a fast and cheap online solution.
  • Design a simple documentation reference library.

It is your solution if you have varied resources, you do not care that users access them freely and you need progress to be recorded.

Do not choose Bentoo if...

You need to develop content.

You define the assets and we organize them (we can also develop them, but that's another product).

You need a deep pedagogical approach or storytelling.

Maybe then you don't need a repository but a course.

You need the user to consume the content linearly.

With Bentoo navigation is free from the first second.

You need the use to be time checked

It is the user who decides when and how much to consult it.

We tell you things

Working every day with dozens of companies of all sizes and profiles gives us a unique perspective of the environment. And since we love sharing, we tell you about it on Linkedin: videos, infographics and selected content. Enjoy!

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