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It's the training platform that fits you like the remote cover when you change the batteries. do you hear? Clak!

Tailor-made for your company, capable of integrating with other corporate platforms and with a data management system that will make your life easier. And the icing on the cake in the form of gamification: our Coontesta.

Digital learning solutions


What does Coocrea bring you?

We become tailors and we design the suit that best suits you. We are dedicated to training and we have developed a training platform knowing first-hand what our clients need.

Ask for Clak! whenever you want to...

  • Have a learning space that adapts to real needs.
  • Enjoy a simple solution, easy to install and use for users and administrators.
  • Follow up, obtain detailed reports and reward your training.
  • Enjoy gamified training where your employees compete to show who knows better.
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It is your solution if you want to have an online training platform that adapts to your company and that is safe, usable and attractive.

Don't choose Clak! if...

...You are looking for an expensive platform with technology that you are not going to use.

...You want your platform to only know how to use the best NASA engineers.

...You are not interested in data processing because knowledge takes up space.

We tell you things

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